children bike from China

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Children’s bike is the bicycle produce for childrens, include the Baby walker, stroller, children's tricycle, children's bicycle If the quality is poor, it will directly affect the children's physical and mental health and safety, so the safety problem of baby carriage has become the focus of attentionIn order to protect the health and safety of children, promote the improvement of the quality of strollers, standardize the development of the stroller industry and guide consumption, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and QuarantineSupervision of all manufacturers in the production must be based on product safety and quality as the first large-scale production processes, the first thing to emphasize is the product pass rate, followed by the number of supply. The bicycle industry in our country has developed rapidly and steadily. Nowadays, all kinds of bicycles have been exported to many countries. The demand in some countries in Vietnam and the Middle East has been on the increase. While we are strengthening our production efforts, we must also ensure the quality of our products and respond to the call of the state Requirements, to promote our bicycle industry more powerful.


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